Data Collection
Sentiment Analysis and Classification
Influencer Detection
Data Representation
Our social analysis engine as used in different products to turn massive volume of social data into meaningful results.

  • Social Monitoring for Presidential Election from this link... (Cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimi için sosyal medya takibini bu linkten yapabilirsiniz. )
  • Have a look at the summary for Presidential Election from this link... (Cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimi için yaptığımız analizlere bu linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.)
  • Reach Soma tweets and analysis from this link... (Soma faciasıyla ilgili analizlere bu linkten bakabilirsiniz.)

Information Categorization

Our summarization engine can analyse a list of reviews about a particular brand or product and categorize them according to different aspects. The grouped reviews would be easy to go through and analyze.

Information Summarization

In addition to aspect-based categorization, our summarization engine can be used to group reviews according to sentiment and informativeness; and to remove short or slang reviews while summarizing their sentiment statistically.

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis engine can analyse a given natural language text and extract the sentiment (negative or positive) in it. It can thus be used for categorizing and quantifying comments in social media. Our technologies are developed both for Turkish and English.